Title: How to Make a CSV file for your mailing list.

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First let’s look at WHAT it is, and Why would we want to make one? … CSV files are the most common kind of files used by most software programs for importing data… Now, how to turn a XL document into a CSV file!

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First lets look at WHAT it is, and Why would we want to make one?

CSV means Comma Separated Value, so that means; a ‘value’ that is separated by commas. It is usually made in XL or a txt file.

A ‘value’ is explained, in context below.

CSV files are the most common kind of format used by most software programs for importing data. This means that if we want to put several hundred names and addresses (values) into a “bulk mailing program” we can usually use a CSV file.

The CSV file would have to have all the names and addresses in it, and then we could go to our software program and use the ‘import’ function to upload all the names and addresses (values), with one click instead of spending hours entering each one by hand.

But, how do we get the names and addresses into the CSV file in the first place? It depends where they come from, if we are simply extracting the names and addresses (Values) from one program to another we can often choose to ‘export’ to a file in CSV format. If we have a list of ‘values’ that is, say, in Microsoft word, or some other kind of document, we would first need to copy and paste them into an XL document.

Once all the ‘values’ we want to use, are pasted into the XL document, WITH EACH VALUE IN A SEPARATE COLUMN. We can then save the XL document as a CSV file, and then upload it into our software. Easy!

Before we continue please note: It is often necessary to have these values in our CSV file in a particular order for example; some software, will require Column ‘A’ to have the ‘Name’ and column ‘B’ might have to be the ‘eMail’ or vise versa and etc…. So it’s a good idea to check first.

Some software allows us to choose where each ‘value’ will be loaded to, so in this case, the initial order in our CSV file won’t matter, because in the upload process we may be prompted to select which ‘fields to place which ‘values’ into.

Now, how to turn a XL document into a CSV file!
1. In your XL document with the info you wish to upload. Go to “file/save as” then select the option “as file type” and scroll down to “CSV (Comma Delimited)
2. Then name it “WHATEVERYOUWANT” and click save.
3. Now you will get a window asking a lot of questions.
4. Answer “OK” or “YES”, then you’ll get about two or three more windows one after the other. Answer each one “OK” or “YES”, until it is done then close the workbook. You’ll get more windows again. just answer “OK” and “YES” until it closes
5. Go to your software and find the import function, browse for your file and upload it!
6. Then check your “mailing List” to see the results!
Your CSV file will look like this a, if you saved it correctly!

If it doesn’t work for you, make sure it is in this format.

You may find that you need to play around with this a bit, but as long as you finish with an XL document in CSV format, you should be able to upload to just about any program. Of course this isn’t limited to email lists you can use this format for a range of different applications.

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